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Professor Stuart Green will deliver the Hugo Adam Bedau Memorial Lecture in the Department of Philosophy at Tufts University. His title is “What Are the Sexual Offenses?” (March 6) He will present “Tax Evasion as Crime” at the 3rd Annual Bentham House Conference at University College London. (May 9)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson will be a keynote speaker for the discussion “A History of White Privilege and Docile Bodies: Prison, Schools, and the Institutions of Domination” at the DePaul Humanities Center, DePaul University School of Public Service. The program marks the conclusion of the year-long series, “CondemNaion: Justice, Prison, Punishment, Persecution.” (May 12)

“Brief-a-Palooza” by Legal Analysis, Writing and Research Instructor Amy Bitterman has been accepted by the legal writing journal The Second Draft for publication in its Fall 2015 issue.



Faculty Activities

MAY 2015

“Anatomical Intent” (124 Yale Law Journal Forum 117, 2014) by Vice Dean Reid Weisbord was reviewed by JOTWELL (May 4)

APRIL 2015

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “The Lost History of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Disqualification Clause” at the “Citizenship in the Era of the Civil War" conference at Virginia Tech University (April 25) and at the NYU Law School Legal History Colloquium. (April 29)

The Education Law Center honored Marian Wright Edelman, president and founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, and Professor Paul Tractenberg at its 2015 Education Justice Lecture and Reception. Tractenberg gave the response to the lecture delivered by Edelman, “Giving All Children the Opportunity to Learn.” (April 28)

Professor Jonathan Hyman co-presented with Thomas Hildner of Podvey Meanor “How Moral Psychology Helps Mediators Understand the Disputants” at the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Annual Conference, held in Seattle, WA. (April 17)

Professor David Dante Troutt presented the Professor William Neal Brown Memorial Lecture at Rutgers School of Social Work on the Rutgers University–Newark campus. His topic was “Poverty, Class & Politics.” (April 16)

Professor Suzanne Kim presented “What’s Old Is New? Naming and Labeling Practices in Same-Sex Couples’ Transitions to Marriage” at the Columbia Law School Center for Gender and Sexuality Law. (April 15)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “Property, Penality, and (Racial) Profiling” at the University of Virginia School of Law Legal History Workshop. (April 13)

MARCH 2015

Professor Adil Haque presented his research as a panelist for “Changing Means of Fighting War,” part of the Symposium on the Changing Nature of War and Peace at Adelphi University. (March 26)

The National Academy of Sciences has retained Professor Steve Gold and his collaborators, Professor Michael Green of Wake Forest University School of Law and Professor Joseph Sanders of the University of Houston Law Center, “to produce an educational module to elucidate the role of scientific information and scientific processes in decision-making across diverse venues.” The educational module will focus on use of scientific evidence as proof of causation in toxic tort cases.

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “Punishing Treason,” taken from her research on implementation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, to the staff of the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, KY (March 12) and as part of the DePaul University Catholic Intellectual Traditions Quarterly Salon. (March 5)


Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson discussed her research on the 14th Amendment, former Confederates, and the right to hold public office in a lecture aired on C-Span’s “American History TV.” (Feb. 21)

Professor David Troutt was a panelist for “Badges, Guns and Trusts: Exploring the Crisis of Police Brutality,” held at Seton Hall Law School. (Feb. 12)

Associate Professor Fadi Shaheen presented his paper “Understanding Lockout” (previously titled “Evaluating Investments of Locked-Out Earnings” at the University of Florida Levin College of Law Tax Colloquium. (Feb. 6)

The book Gay Rights and the First Amendment: A Contentious History by Professor Carlos Ball has been accepted for publication by Harvard University Press.


Professor Vera Bergelson, author of Victims’ Rights, Victims’ Wrongs, was a guest on Canadian Public Radio’s two-part show on the moral and legal issues involved with consent to harm. (Jan. 14 and Feb. 26)