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Professor Carlos Ball 
presented “Children and Marital Policy: A Historical Review” as part of the faculty speaker series at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law (Nov. 28) and spoke at the Faculty Works in Progress series at the University of Minnesota School of Law. (Nov. 29)

“Why is Islamic Jurisprudence Relevant Today?" was the title of Adjunct Professor Abed Awad’s presentation at the Princeton Adult School. (Nov. 13)

Assistant Professor Christina Ho discussed Chinese health reform at Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Sixth Annual Beazley Symposium on Access to Care, Comparative Universal Coverage Efforts & Expanding Access to Health Care. (Nov. 9)

Professor Stuart Green was an invited participant in the Roundtable on Rethinking Sexual Offenses, held at Villanova Law School. (Nov. 2)

“Health Reform and De Facto Federalism in China” by Assistant Professor Christina Ho was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for: SIRN: Comparative Health Insurance Models (sub-topic).

Assistant Professor Taja-Nia Henderson was a guest blogger for The Faculty Lounge blog for the month of November.


Professor George Thomas presented on Criminal Law at a Seton Hall Law School Faculty Colloquium Workshop. (Oct. 22)

Assistant Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented her article “The Ironic Promise of the Thirteenth Amendment for Modern Offender Jurisprudence” at the Mid-Atlantic Law & Society Association Conference at Drexel University, Earle Mack School of Law. (Oct. 19)

 Research and Writing Instructor Amy Bitterman gave a talk on legal research and writing at the New Jersey Paralegal Convention. (Oct. 19)  

“Animals as Property: The Challenges of Animal Law” was the topic of Professor Gary Francione’s luncheon presentation at the De Paul University College of Law conference on Examining the Legal Protection of Animals Used in Entertainment. (Oct. 17)

Assistant Professor Christina Ho gave a presentation on Health Care at a Seton Hall Law School Faculty Colloquium Workshop. (Oct. 15)

Professor Howard Latin discussed key themes from his book Climate Change Policy Failures: Why conventional mitigation approaches cannot succeed at a seminar sponsored by the Rutgers Initiative on Climate and Society. (Oct. 12) 

Assistant Professor Christina Ho presented her paper “In Defense of Self-Reference: Circularity and the Affordable Care Act” as part of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law’s Health Law, Ethics and Policy Seminar Series. (Oct. 11) 

Assistant Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “Teaching the Carceral State: Practical Pedagogical Concerns” at the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) Teaching Conference held at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. (Oct. 6) She was a discussant for the “Gender Non-Conforming Migrants in Immigration Detention” session at the Sixth Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference at the University of Baltimore School of Law. (Oct. 5)

Professor Suzanne Kim helped organize the Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network Conference at the University of Baltimore School of Law and chaired and spoke on “The Law School as Gender Factory” panel. Kim’s presentation with co-author University of Utah Law School professor Laura Kessler was on their forthcoming work with Purdue professor Beth Hoffman on family leave culture. (Oct. 5) 

Professor Paul Tractenberg presented “Are We Ratcheting Educational Accountability Up or Down (and Does It Depend Upon Where and How You’re being Educated)?” at the Education Law Symposium sponsored by the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law, the section’s Urban Lawyer journal, and the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law. (Oct. 5) Tractenberg’s paper will be published in the Winter 2012-2013 issue of Urban Lawyer.

“When Certainty Dissolves Into Probability: A Legal Vision of Toxic Causation for the Post-Genomic Era” by Associate Professor Steve Gold was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for Medical-Legal Studies eJournal, Environmental Law & Policy eJournal, Metaphysics eJournal, and PRN: Causation.

Professor Suzanne Kim has signed a contract with NYU Press for her book Marriage Equalities: Gender and Social Norms in Same-Sex and Different-Sex Marriage.


At Yale Law School Professor Stuart Green gave a talk titled “Is Illegal Downloading Really Stealing?” as a presenter at the Thomson Reuters Speakers Series: Information Society. (Sept. 13) He presented “Vice Crimes and Preventive Justice” at the Preventive Justice workshop, University of Minnesota Law School. (Sept. 21)

Assistant Professor Christina Ho presented her paper “Circularity Masks the Decisionmaker: How the Affordable Care Act Perturbs the Function of Self-Reference in the Health System” at the Health Law Scholars Workshop, held at Saint Louis University School of Law. (Sept. 13-17) Ho’s abstract, one of only four selected out of the 25 blind abstracts submitted for presentation at the workshop, was selected for its likelihood “to produce original scholarship that will make a significant contribution to health law and bioethics scholarship.”

Professor Carlos Ball has signed a contract with Oxford University Press to write a book about the role of child welfare considerations in constitutional and policy debates over same-sex marriage. 


Professor Gary Francione presented “Jainism and Vivisection: The Problems of Moral Relativism, the Defense of Self/Others, and Consequential Analysis” at the 2012 Claremont International Jain Conference, held at Claremont School of Theology, Claremont Lincoln University. (Aug. 24) 

The article “A Fitting Vision of Science for the Courtroom” by Associate Professor Steve Gold, which is forthcoming in the Wake Forest Law and Policy Review, was recently listed on SSRN’s Top Ten download list for LSN: Discovery & Evidence. (Aug. 15)

Associate Professor Steve Gold’s article “Dis-Jointed? Several Approaches to Divisibility After Burlington Northern” (11 Vt. J. Envt’l L. 307, 2009) was cited by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in its decision United States of America and the State of Wisconsin v. NCR Corporation. The decision affirmed the district court finding that NCR had not met its burden of showing that pollution in the Lower Fox River could be apportioned. The opinion quoted Gold’s conclusion that “at common law and under the Second Restatement, parties responsible for multiple sufficient causes of harm faced joint and several liability for the entire resulting harm.” (Aug. 3)

Professor Paul Tractenberg has submitted the final manuscript of New Jersey Goes A–Courting: Ten Legal Cases That Shook the Nation to Rutgers Press. Rutgers Law School grads were involved as lawyers or judges in nine of the 10 cases. Conceived and edited by Tractenberg, who also wrote two of its chapters, the book has an introduction by retired Chief Justice Deborah Poritz, who is Visiting Jurist Emerita-in-Residence at the law school. All of the authors are current or former faculty members or alums.
JULY 2012

Professor Christina Ho 
was a discussant for the “Overcoming Academic Challenges Brainstorming Session” at the Northeastern University School of Law workshop on Advancing Public Health Through the Law: The Role of Legal Academics. (July 24)

JUNE 2012

Professor Paul Tractenberg was a panelist on a forum sponsored by the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County on the role of charter schools in public education. (June 24) 

Professor Alan Hyde presented “Citizens of the World?” at Seminario Interdottorale, University of Bologna. (June 12)

Professor Vera Bergelson presented “The Meaning of Consent” at the Law and Society Association annual meeting. (June 7)

At the Law and Society Association annual meeting, Associate Professor Suzanne Kim spoke as a panelist discussing the legal significance of Mignon Moore’s Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships, and Motherhood Among Black Lesbians. (June 5)

Professor Twila Perry presented “Non-Marital Mothers, Race, and Feminist Legal Theory” at the Law and Society Association annual meeting. (June 5)

Assistant Professor Christina Ho presented “Health Rights at the Juncture Between State and Market: The People’s Republic of China” at the International Conference on Law and Society. (June 5) She presented “Recursivity and Health Reform in the U.S.: An Application of Niklas Luhmann’s Essays on Self-Reference” at the 35th Annual American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics Health Law Professors Conference, held at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at Arizona State University. Her presentation was part of the session on Theories of Health Reform in the United States. (June 8)

Professor Alan Hyde gave two presentations, “The Law and Economics of Family Unification, or, A Visit for Abuela” and “Toward a North American Free Labor Market,” at the Immigration Law Teachers Workshop. (June 1-2)

MAY 2012

Emeritus Professor Norman L. Cantor has published a short commentary titled “Could Premortem Organ Retrieval Be Lawful?” in the American Journal of Bioethics. The piece assesses the legal framework applicable to a tranplant surgeon’s suggestion that organ retrieval could and should include premortem harvest of some vital organs from patients who will imminently be dying from planned removal of life-sustaining medical treatment. (May 31 issue)

Professor Vera Bergelson presented “Choice of Evils: In Search of a Viable Rationale” at the Legal Theory Workshop held at Melbourne (Australia) School of Law. (May 25)

Dean John J. Farmer, Jr. moderated the session on “How Treatment Now Works in New Jersey and How It Could Work” at the program on Treatment Alternatives for Drug Addiction for the Incarcerated, sponsored by the law school, the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice and the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration. (May 23)

Associate Dean Jon Dubin’s article “Scapegoating Social Security Claimants (and The Judges Who Evaluate Them),” American Constitution Society, Issue Brief (March 8, 2012), co-authored with Professor Robert Rains (Penn State–Dickinson Law School), was selected by the University of Miami Law School’s peer reviewed JOTWELL publication as  “one of the best works of recent scholarship relating to Administrative Law” and reviewed  by Professor William Funk at that site, www.Jotwell.com. (May 21) JOTWELL (Journal of Things We Like Lots) was created by Professor Michael Froomkin at the University of Miami Law School and several faculty at other schools to fill  “a telling gap in legal scholarship by creating a space where legal academics can go to identify, celebrate, and discuss the best new legal scholarship.”

Professor Gary Francione was a speaker on the panel “Moral Philosophy: Implications for Animals and Animal Law” at the UCLA Animal Law Prorgram conference Animals and the Law: Multiple Perspectives. (May 16)

Professor Stuart Green was the keynote speaker at the Workshop on Criminalisation and White Collar Crime Misconduct, Centre for Regulatory Studies, Monash University, Melbourne. (May 10)

Assistant Professor Christina Ho will give a talk titled “Health Rights at the Juncture Between State and Market: The People’s Republic of China” at a workshop on works-in-progress on Chinese law at Columbia Law School’s Center for Chinese Legal Studies. (May 9) 

Dean John J. Farmer, Jr. was a panelist for the “Sharing Lessons Learned Across Sectors” discussion at the Third Annual Ethical Leadership Conference sponsored by the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership. (May 4)

Professor Stuart Green presented a Corporate and White Collar Crime master at the University of Melbourne Law School. (May 2–8)

APRIL 2012

Assistant Professor Christina Ho presented a seminar talk on “Health Reform in the People’s Republic of China: Implications for Managing Communicable and Noncommunicable Disease” at Georgetown University’s School of Nursing and Health Studies. (April 24)

Professsor Stuart Green presented a master class on “Regulating White Collar Crime: A comparative perspective” at the University of New South Wales. (April 20) At the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, University of Hong Kong, he presented “What Should Count as Property in Theft Law?” (April 16)

Associate Professor Suzanne Kim, in a keynote address to a joint conference of the New Jersey Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium and Rider University, discussed the state of gender equality throughout various segments of society, including the family, the workplace, and on university campuses. (April 13)

In an opinion issued April 4, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington cited Associate Professor Steve Gold’s 2009 Vermont Journal of Environmental Law article titled “Dis-Jointed? Several Approaches to Divisibility After Burlington Northern.” This is the second time that Gold’s article has been cited by a lower court in interpreting and applying the Supreme Court’s decision.
MARCH 2012

Professor Carlos Ball presented “Generations of LGBT Parents in the Courts” at the Rutgers Institute for Research on Women as part of the institute’s Distinguished Lecture Series. (March 29)

At the Election Verification Network annual conference, Clinical Professor Penny Venetis discussed legal methodologies that can be used to obtain voting machine software for forensic examination. (March 29) 

Assistant Professor Reid Weisbord presented “Charitable Bankruptcies” at the annual Rutgers–Newark Chancellor’s Research Day. (March 26) 

Professor Mark Weiner presented “The Rule of the Clan: What an Ancient Form of Social Organization Can Teach Us About Modern Law and Culture” at Brigham Young University. (March 14) Watch the video.

Clinical Professor John Kettle
 moderated the panel on “Emerging Legal Issues in Reality Television” at the Seton Hall Sports & Entertainment Law Journal symposium titled Emerging Legal Issues in Internet Gambling. (March 1)

Associate Professor Suzanne A. Kim discussed her scholarship on gender, sexuality and parenting, and particularly about her article “The Neutered Parent,” forthcoming in the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism, at the Boston University School of Law Colloquium on Gender, Law and Policy. (Feb. 28)

At a DePaul Law School faculty colloquium, Assistant Professor Reid Weisbord presented his article “Wills for Everyone: Helping Individuals Opt Out of Intestacy,” forthcoming in the Boston College Law Review. (Feb. 27)

Professor James Pope presented “Solidarity and the United States Constitution” as a panelist at the Conference on Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity, held at the University of North Carolina Law School, Chapel Hill. (Feb. 25)

“‘Arab Spring’ or ‘Arab Winter’? Women’s Human Rights and Law Reform in the New North Africa” was the title of Professor Karima Bennoune’s presentation at the University of Virginia Law School conference, Constitution-Making and the Arab Spring. (Feb. 24)  

Clinical Professor John Kettle presented his annual lecture on the “Strategic Importance of Patents” to the biomedical engineering students at the Rutgers Center for Innovative Ventures of Emerging Technology. (Feb. 15)

Associate Professor Suzanne A. Kim
 spoke at and wrote an essay for the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender Conference “Unsex Mothering: Toward a New Culture of Parenting.” (Feb. 13)


Assistant Professor Taja-Nia Henderson was the invited moderator for the “Perspectives on Race and the Criminal Justice System” panel at Cardozo Law School as part of the school’s Public Advocacy Law Week (P*Law). (Jan. 24)

Clinical Professor Penny Venetis presented her scholarship at the “New Voices for Human Rights” session held at the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools. (Jan. 6)

Professor Alan Hyde presented “To What Duties Do Global Labor Rights Correlate?: Responsibility for Labor Standards Down the Production Chain” at the International Labor Law and Global Justice Conference, held at Haifa University. (Jan. 5)

Professor John Leubsdorf was a speaker at the “Regulation of the Legal Profession and the Academy” panel at the AALS annual meeting. (Jan. 5)

Associate Professor Suzanne Kim co-organized and presented at the conference of the Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network, held at George Washington University Law School. (Jan. 4)