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Pretrial Justice Experts to Discuss NJ Bail System and Reform on April 11

March 07, 2013 – 

One of the most critical pretrial justice issues is the ability of the bail system both to effectively deliver justice for those charged with offenses and awaiting trial and to enhance the administration of the court system. Recent developments and studies have led many jurisdictions to consider changes in their money bail systems to ensure pretrial justice.

On Thursday, April 11, 2013, five national experts in the field will participate on a panel at Rutgers School of Law–Newark titled “Pretrial Justice in New Jersey: Considering Bail System Reform.”

The program, sponsored by the Rutgers Institute for Professional Education, will consider New Jersey’s current system for pretrial release on money bail and alternatives to a money bail system. Panelists will cover such specific issues as how the use of money bail effects defendants, the courts and the public; how the current system treats defendants who pose a threat to the community; and how risk-based bail systems work and the experiences of jurisdictions that have implemented this model.

Pre-registration is required at www.rutgerscle.com. The program is free for those not seeking CLE credit hours. 

For those seeking CLE credit, the registration fee is $60. The program will provide 4.0 CLE credit hours (NJ and NY) or 3.5 (PA). 

What: “Pretrial Justice in New Jersey: Considering Bail System Reform”
Who: Hon. Martin Cronin, Judge, Superior Court of New Jersey
Christine A. Dozier, Chief, U.S. Pretrial Services Agency, District of New Jersey
Gloria Hancock, Ed.D., Deputy Executive Director of Programs, Juvenile Justice Commission
Hon. Truman A. Morrison, III, Senior Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia
Marie VanNostrand, Ph.D., Justice Project Manager, Luminosity, Inc. 
When: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Thursday, April 11, 2013
Where: Baker Trial Courtroom, Rutgers School of Law–Newark