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Public Service Career Resources: A Holistic Approach

The Eric R. Neisser Public Interest Program recognizes the unique challenges of the public interest job search. Indeed, public sector organizations do not have centralized hiring practices and in many cases positions are unfunded. In addition, in order to be competitive for public interest positions, students need to be “practice ready” and have demonstrated their commitment to public interest through prior experience. To address these challenges, the Neisser Program offers a holistic approach to the job search which includes individualized counseling, programming, and professional development opportunities for students.   

  • Individualized counseling 

Central to the program’s effectiveness is our focus on individualized counseling of all students pursuing public interest careers. Students pursuing public interest and government careers receive advice on all aspects of the job search. In addition, the program offers mock interviews and a mentoring program through which students are matched with experienced practitioners, faculty and alumni.  

  • Job Search Programs and Job Fairs

The Neisser Program hosts workshops on a variety of job search strategies including drafting resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and preparing for summer success. In addition, the program recently launched a “Graduate Mentor-in-Residence” program through which alumni provide individualized counseling to students in their area of interest. The program also sponsors students to attend the annual Equal Justice Works in Washington, DC and the Annual NYU Public Interest Career Fair.     

  • Job Listings and Newsletter

The Neisser Program posts pro bono, summer internship and post-graduate fellowship opportunities on Symplicity. In addition, the program distributes a bi-weekly newsletter featuring upcoming deadlines for summer internships and post-graduate fellowships. These listings are also available on our website.

  • Resources

The Neisser Program has developed a variety of resources to support students applying for public interest jobs including a Post Graduate Fellowship Manual and a Public Interest Job Search Guide.    

  • Alumni and Faculty:     

The program leverages its extraordinarily broad and deep alumni in providing services to students. Alumni participate in a variety of programs including student-run Symposia, pro bono projects, and mentoring programs.   

Other Career Resources

PSJD Resource Center:  www.psjd.org/resource_center

PSJD Resource Center is the nation’s premier public interest job clearinghouse. The site includes an extensive database of job opportunity listings including summer internships, post-graduate fellowships, and attorney listings for all experience levels. PSJD also includes a host of publicly-available job search and career development resources.

Idealist:  www.idealist.org

Idealist includes a comprehensive listing of public service positions, both legal and non-legal, in more than 140 countries. The site is searchable by subject matter, country, and type of position.

The National Legal Aid and Defenders Association (NLADA):  www.nlada.org

The National Legal Aid and Defenders Association is among the most comprehensive site for civil legal services, public defenders and other public interest positions.      

National Association of Attorneys General:  www.naag.org

This sites is the most comprehensive online site for the latest developments in the offices of the state Attorneys General throughout the country, including ground-breaking litigation, new appointments, and job opportunities.