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Class Attendance

Regular class attendance is required in all classes. Every instructor shall deny students whose un-excused absences exceed 20% of the total number of class sessions the opportunity to sit for their final examination or to submit a final term paper pursuant to the Law School faculty’s attendance policy. In upperclass courses which depend upon student participation (e.g., seminars, clinics, Appellate Advocacy, Trial Presentation, etc.), the instructor may drop the student from the course but deny the student permission to withdraw with a “W” grade. In such an event, the final grade for that student in the course would be an “F.”

In a first year required course, students may not withdraw, and a student dismissed from the class for non-attendance by the instructor will have a grade of “F” entered, absent special action of the Committee on Scholastic Standing.

Students are reminded that if for any reason they withdraw from a course a “W” grade will be entered on the student’s transcript. Since first-year courses are required courses, the student must retake the course when it is next offered.