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Dropping and Adding Classes


An upper-class student may drop a course without approval up until the examination for the course has been distributed, provided (1) the student has not seen the examination questions and (2) the student is not thereby in effect withdrawing from school. A course with a take-home examination may be dropped until the day on which the take-home first becomes available. With the instructor’s permission, a seminar or clinic may be dropped until the final official meeting of the class, and Independent Research may be dropped until the last day of examinations. A student may drop a required course only with the permission of Dean Rothman; except under extraordinary circumstances, withdrawal from any required class will be permitted only upon withdrawal from all classes for that semester.

Except in the Summer term (see below), after the second week of classes, the transcripts of students who withdraw from a course will reflect the grade of “W.” Caveat: the instructor’s permission also will be required in a course or seminar with a small enrollment where reliance on the student’s participation may be an integral part of the course, but such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. “Add/drop” forms are available in the Academic Services Office, Room 170.


For the Summer term, no classes may be added after the first meeting of the class without the permission of Dean Rothman, and once classes begin, a grade of “W” will appear on your transcript for any class from which you withdraw. Students who withdraw from one or more classes up until the first day of classes will receive a full refund of tuition; a refund of 50% of the tuition will be given for students who withdraw during the first two weeks of classes; after two weeks, no refund will be granted for any course from which you withdraw.