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Minimum/Maximum Credit Loads

Minimum credit load: A full-time student must register for a minimum of 12 credits in the fall and spring semesters. A part-time student must register for a minimum of eight credits. 

Maximum credit load: Students may not earn more than 16 credits in one semester. Inasmuch as 13 to 14 credits is a normal upper-class course load, this ABA regulation is in keeping with the law school policy, developed by the faculty as a whole, which states that as graduate students, candidates for the juris doctor degree should focus their efforts on fewer academic enterprises, achieving scholarly excellence in fewer subjects to which they devote more time, rather than devoting less time to more enterprises and achieving only superficial knowledge as a result. Students carrying an unauthorized overload after the second week of classes will be required to reduce their load to the authorized level.

A part-time student may not register for more than 11 credits in any semester, except that with Dean Rothman’s permission, a student may register for 12 credits. This permission is rarely granted, pursuant to the same policy limiting full time students to 16 credits per semester. Under no circumstances will fourth term part-time students be granted a 12-credit load.

Except with Dean Rothman’s permission, students may not register for more than six credits of work taken during a summer session at this or any other law school.