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Part-Time vs. Full-Time Status

A student carrying fewer than 12 credits a term is considered a part-time student for all purposes. Nevertheless, a student may carry as many as 12 credits with special permission and be considered part-time if before the term he/she receives Dean Rothman’s permission to carry the overload credit and files a declaration electing part-time status. As a declared part-time student, the student is not bound by the “work rule” prohibiting full-time students from being employed for more than 20 hours a week. However, such students will receive credit for only 0.75 semesters of residency for the semester of work.

Rutgers University considers any student carrying fewer than 12 credits to be part-time and as such the student (1) pays tuition based on his/her credit load rather than a flat amount; (2) pays a lower student fee, which does not include health coverage (although this may be purchased separately); and (3) is only eligible for more limited financial aid under the Guaranteed Student Loans Program (“Stafford Loans”). Those students carrying 12 credits with special permission to declare part-time status will be considered full-time by Rutgers University for the purposes of assessment of tuition and fees and for loan eligibility.

Part-time law students must take the required curriculum in the evening. We do not have a part-time day program for beginning students. However, after the required curriculum is completed, part-time students may enroll in any courses — day or evening — but they will have enrollment priority over full-time students only in evening courses.