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Contact Nicky Fornarotto in the financial aid office, Room 229, at 973-353-1702 or nfornarotto@kinoy.rutgers.edu

Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Student Fees for 2014-2015 

  Full-Time Students Part-Time Students
Tuition $23,201/NJ Resident

$967/credit (8 credits Fall/10 credits Spring = $17,406 NJ resident)*

$1,466/credit (8 credits Fall/10 credits Spring = $26,388 non-resident)*
Fees $2,883 $1,548
Books $1,450 $1,088
Health Insurance  $1,696   

Cost of Attendance for 2014-2015

Cost of Attendance (student budget) includes the projected amount of funding you’ll need to cover tuition, student fee and book expenses, as well as the cost of housing, food, travel, and other miscellaneous items. Cost of Attendance is established by the university each academic year; it is based on typical expenses for this geographic region and is intended to cover expenses for the nine-month academic year (August – May). Students will be able to apply for funding up to this budgeted amount. The 2014-2015 law school budgets are listed below:

  Full-Time Students Part-Time Students*
  NJ Residents    $34,990 - Living with parents

  $44,085 - On Campus

  $49,500 - Off Campus
 $26,470 - Living with parents

 $35,835 - On Campus

 $40,980 - Off Campus
  Non-Residents   $47,080 - Living with parents

  $52,990 - On Campus

  $61,690 - Off Campus
 $35,520 - Living with parents

 $41,715 - On Campus

 $50,120 - Off Campus

* Please note, the cost of the required three-credit LAWRS summer course for first-year evening students is not included in these tuition or budget figures; summer tuition and budgets are handled separately.

General Refund Policy

A student who voluntarily withdraws during the first six weeks of a semester will receive a partial refund of tuition on the following sliding scale:

Week of Withdrawal Percent of Refund
  1st Week   80%
  2nd Week   80%
  3rd Week   60%
  4th Week   60%
  5th Week   40%
  6th Week   40%
  Thereafter   0%

The effective withdrawal date is that date on which a written statement of withdrawal is received by the Registrar. No part of the student fee is refunded. The weeks as shown above are calculated from the day classes begin. No tuition is refunded to students suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons.

It should be noted that once classes have begun, students receiving financial aid must complete more than 60 percent of the semester or they may be required to repay all or part of the financial aid disbursed to them for the semester.