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Visiting Students Winter 2014 Registration

Winter Session 2014

Rutgers School of Law–Newark is pleased to offer three upper-level courses for law students who have completed the first-year program or its equivalent at an ABA-accredited law school. These classes are compressed into a one-week intensive program earning two credits for the course selected.

CLASSES, EXAMINATION DATES: All classes take place during the first week of January 2014. There are no examinations scheduled for the courses.

LOCATION: Rutgers School of Law–Newark is located at 123 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102. It is convenient to major highways, Pennsylvania Railroad Station, and the Broad Street Railroad Station. (Note: Non-Profit Corporations/Tax-Exempt Organizations is being taught in the Dominican Republic. If interested, please contact Dean Rothman at arothman@kinoy.rutgers.edu.)

ELIGIBILITY: The Winter Session is open to all law students matriculated at any ABA-accredited law school. A student from a school other than Rutgers School of Law–Newark must submit a letter from that law school certifying that the student is in good standing. (This includes students of Rutgers School of Law–Camden).

HOW TO ENROLL AND REGISTER: Enrollment in one of the classes offered this Winter Session is done in three steps. First, you must complete and return the Sign-in Registration Form and you must submit a letter of good standing from the Dean or Registrar of your law school. Both can be submitted electronically by scanning and attaching the documents to an e-mail addressed to mperez@kinoy.rutgers.edu, or you can mail the documents to Dean Linda Garbaccio at Rutgers School of Law–Newark, 123 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102. You will not be permitted to register until we have received the letter of good standing.

Once processed, you will be provided by e-mail with two identification numbers necessary for registration (a Rutgers University ID, or “RUID,” and a Personal Access Code, “PAC”), and you will be notified that you can now proceed to the On-Line Registration pages to register. The information you need to complete this process is found at the “Winter Session 2014 Registration” page, which you can open by clicking here. You will need the Winter Session class schedule (which you can navigate to and view by clicking here for the spreadsheet or here for the PDF), which shows the meeting times and instructors for all classes, and also provides the course numbers and index numbers you will need when registering on line. (You can have both the class schedule window and the registration window open, and can toggle between them as you register.) You can also navigate from the class schedule to the Winter Session course descriptions.

Finally, after you have completed the registration protocol, you must go to the Bursar webpage, and view your account. The tuition will appear in your account immediately upon registration as a balance due, and you must then pay that amount electronically, either by credit card or by electronic transfer from your bank account.

Note: Registration is not complete until all charges are paid; failure to pay any outstanding balance will result in deregistration from your classes.