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Winter Session 2014 Registration

The general information below applies to all Rutgers School of Law–Newark students who have completed the required curriculum (Contracts, Torts, Property, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, and Legal Research and Writing) and to students from other ABA-approved law schools. Students from other ABA-approved law schools interested in registering for these classes must first obtain the permission of the individual professor, as it may be that your educational background will not have sufficiently prepared you for these advanced classes. Once you have obtained such permission, you will then contact Mildred Perez (mperez@kinoy.rutgers.edu), who will assist you in completing the registration process, and visit this page.

How to Register

Student registration for Winter Session is a two-step process: all students must (1) register for classes on-line, and (2) pay the balance that will appear on your account after you have registered on-line. Your registration is not complete until both of these steps are completed.

On-line registration is permitted until 4:00 p.m. Monday, December 9, 2013. Once that period ends, lotteries will be conducted for over-enrolled classes. Students who fail to register for these classes during this registration period will be ineligible to register later for any classes for which lotteries had been held, and will be excluded from any waitlists created for these classes. (Note: prior to the start of classes, students will be informed of the results of any lotteries, and those who are lotteried out of a class for which they had registered will have the opportunity to “Add/Drop” and change their program with Dean Garbaccio before the Winter Session begins.)

You will now find a spreadsheet, which you may download as an Excel® file or may read as a .PDF file. This spreadsheet contains the most up-to-date information about these classes, and contains hyperlinks to course descriptions and faculty profiles.

Students should use the Rutgers Website Registration System to register for all classes. (You can navigate directly to the Registration System webpage by clicking here.) Your time on the on-line system will be limited, particularly on Saturday and Sunday. Be especially careful when entering the Registration Index Number, as an incorrect number could result in an incorrect registration or no registration at all. (These numbers can be found on spreadsheet listing of classes, which may be found by clicking here or here for the PDF.) Note that the “system” will not prevent you from registering for a class for which you may not be permitted to register; for instance, the “system” is unaware of lotteries, or your class status. If you have any questions regarding registration, contact Dean Rothman or Dean Garbaccio. Once you have selected your class and entered all information required by the Rutgers Website Registration System, you should proceed to the Business Office page to view your account and pay the balance owed, which will then appear, showing the charges for the courses for which you just registered. You should navigate to your account webpage by clicking here.

Course Descriptions:

Complete descriptions for Winter Session 2014 courses can be found on the course offerings page by clicking here.

The Pass/“D” or “F” Grading Option

Students have the option of choosing between a letter-grade system and Pass/“D” or “F” system for the Winter Session classes. Students who wish to exercise this option must make this decision and submit the Pass/“D” or “F” Option form before the third meeting of the class. Decisions on opting cannot be changed after the deadline. Opting forms for the Pass/“D”/“F” system are available from Dean Garbaccio or may be downloaded and printed by navigating to the link above.

Although a letter grade for every student will be entered by the faculty member regardless of the option chosen, a student who chooses the Pass/“D” or “F” option will have the grade recorded by the registrar on a system whereby a grade of “A,” “B,” or “C” (including pluses and minuses) is entered on the student’s transcript as a “Pass.” A grade of “D” or “F” will be recorded as a “D” or as an “F” regardless of whether students choose this option. The Pass/“D” or “F” option is available only in elective courses and may be exercised in only one course per term, and up to a maximum of 12 credits in total during your law school career. (Grades of “Pass” earned in an unscheduled “soft” credit enterprise such as an externship or journal participation do not count as an exercise of this option.) Graduating students who have elected the Pass/“D” or “F” option for a substantial number of courses are not eligible to graduate with honors: the Faculty and Committee on Scholastic Standing require candidates for honors to have received at least 68 credits in graded courses.

NOTE: Letter grades entered by the faculty in courses taken Pass/“D” or “F” are unofficial and are not recognized by the school for any purpose except for compliance with Regulations 2 and 5 regarding academic good standing. Students who elect this option waive the right to learn the letter grade earned, and may not publish the letter grade entered by the faculty member for any purpose, if somehow that letter grade is later learned. A student who fails to choose the Pass/“D” or “F” option will automatically be given a letter grade.

The Term Bill

After you have completed the registration process for your classes, the charges for tuition and fees will appear on your Student Account and can be viewed by clicking here; financial aid credits (scholarships, loans) will be posted a few days later. This balance can be paid immediately after registering, but if it is not, the Student Account page will inform you as to the last day for making payment. EACH STUDENT, INCLUDING A STUDENT ON FINANCIAL AID OR SCHOLARSHIP, IS REQUIRED TO CONFIRM ATTENDANCE BY EITHER PAYING YOUR TERM BILL, OR, IF YOUR BALANCE IS $0.00, BY FOLLOWING THE CONFIRMATION OF ATTENDANCE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BY THE BUSINESS OFFICE. BOTH PAYMENT AND CONFIRMATION CAN BE DONE ON-LINE, AT https://finservices.rutgers.edu/otb/. IF YOU FAIL TO CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE AND PAY ANY BALANCE ON THE TERM BILL BY THE DUE DATE APPEARING ON THE BILL, YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE CANCELLED. You will then be subject to a $50.00 late payment fee.

If necessary, students can apply for an additional loan to cover Winter Session charges. Contact Nicky Fornarotto at 973-353-1702 or nfornarotto@kinoy.rutgers.edu for details.

The Examination Schedule

There are no examinations scheduled for Winter Session courses. Should there have been, the exam schedule for the Winter Session would have appeared in the far right column of the spreadsheet listing of classes (PDF version). Students should consider the exam schedule carefully when selecting classes; examination deferrals will only be granted for a true emergency. Deferral requests based on examination schedule problems that should have been anticipated at the time of registration will not be granted except under extraordinary circumstances. Consult Dean Rothman if you have further questions.

Procedure for Withdrawal From a Winter Session Class

Students who withdraw before January 3, 2014 will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Withdrawals on January 3 will result in a “W” grade and a 50% refund of tuition only. No refund will be granted after January 3, 2014 and all withdrawals will be with a “W” grade. To drop a course, a student must submit a written notice on an “Add/Drop” form, available from Dean Garbaccio.