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Professor Gonzalez and student

Law school faculty created the Minority Student Program in 1968 and remain strongly committed to its goals. Professor Carlos González (above) and Clinical Professor Esther Canty-Barnes (below) are among the faculty who have served on the MSP Committee.

Professor Canty-Barnes and students 

Foundation for Success

Rutgers School of Law–Newark believes that it has an obligation to create a learning environment suitable for all students’ success. In addition to the range of student services offered through the Offices of Student Services and Career Services, MSP students also participate in academic and professional programs. The first year MSP program, “An Introduction to Lawyering” exposes students to legal practice through skills development and professional practice experience in the following three ways:

The Summer Orientation Program is a two-week program in August that is designed to provide entering MSP students with a foundation for the study of law. Students are exposed to fundamental lawyering skills: case analysis, case briefing, rule syntheses, legal research and legal writing. Upper-class students and alumni/ae also serve on panels and lead discussion groups during orientation.

“MSP orientation provided me with the foundation I needed to make a successful transition to law school. MSP has structured a program that is both informative and fun, which provides an opportunity to raise those questions you might be intimidated to ask in a larger setting. The focus groups allowed me to hear firsthand tips and strategies for navigating my 1L year, and the sample course provided by a member of the excellent faculty accurately portrayed what the classroom experience is like. The orientation is run by people who have been in the same position that you are in, who know what it takes to succeed, and who genuinely want to see you excel. These were two of the most important weeks of my law school experience and they provided me with the basic skills to jump start my legal career.”
Craig Dashiell, Class of 2013 

Legal Skills Study Groups provide an opportunity for students to develop these lawyering skills in small group sessions throughout the first year of law school. Facilitated by upper-class students, these groups meet to actively engage students in the study of law. 

“The MSP study group taught me how to perform well on the law school exams by equipping me with valuable skills such as spotting issues, making legally valid arguments for all sides, and writing efficiently under the time constraints. Also, it is an empowering and encouraging environment to share one’s opinions on any topic and to improve understanding of the materials covered in class.”
Diane Lee, Class of 2013

The Summer Internship Program exposes first-year students in the MSP to the rigors of legal practice through internships. Interns are selected based on the strength of their applications, transcripts, personal interviews, references, and employer interviews. Placements include law firms, government agencies, and public interest organizations. Often, summer internship positions lead to school-year, summer and permanent jobs.

“The MSP summer internship program has afforded me the unique opportunity to work at one of the largest law firms in New Jersey after my first year of law school. That experience has opened the horizon for new and enriching opportunities. MSP has helped launch my legal career.”
Elizabeth Kim, Class of 2009