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Mentoring Program

This is your invitation to join an exciting and personally very rewarding program provided by your Law School Alumni Association for the past 10 years.

The Rutgers–Newark Law School Alumni Association’s student mentoring program is co-sponsored by a student organization, the Women’s Law Forum, and is open to all Rutgers law students. Comments from past alumni mentors’ evaluations of the program include the following:

  • “I truly believe that the program has been as beneficial to me as it has been to my mentees, thanks to their enthusiasm, energy, and good humor. I greatly look forward to my future involvement in the program and to meeting new mentees.”
  • “This program is wonderful and I am happy to have participated.”
  • “I would love to continue mentoring ....”

Student mentees have been equally enthusiastic.

To make this school year’s program as successful, the Alumni Association needs additional alumni mentors. To be a mentor you do not have to live or work close to the law school or even in New Jersey. Many of the mentor/mentee relationships have thrived through e-mail exchanges and telephone calls. You do, however, have to commit to the mentoring relationship, meaning that you will establish and maintain contact with your mentee(s) during the year and will try, if possible, to attend the Mentoring Program events outlined below.

If you want to join the program, please fill out the Mentor Survey Form and return it by September 25, 2014 to the law school Alumni Association Mentoring Committee by e-mail to Mariel Gomez at mgomez@pashmanstein.com or by fax to her attention at 201-488-5556. 

Please note the following planned events. Mentors will be advised of specific dates as soon as possible.

1. After alumni mentors are matched with student mentees, the 2014-2015 mentoring program will kick off with an informal DINNER AND SOCIAL at the law school. This event has tentatively been scheduled for Tuesday, October 28, at 6 pm. This informal event will provide an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet personally in a supportive environment. Many of our previous participants commented that our kick-off social gathering helped them establish their relationships on a firm footing.

2. Early in February, 2015, shortly after the second semester of the school year begins, the Mentoring Program Committee will sponsor, with the WLF, an alumni panel discussion/presentation on “Networking.” The program will be modeled after very successful panel presentations we have sponsored every year since the beginning of the mentoring program and will focus on the networking experiences of a group of alumni with a wide range of experience as practitioners. More details and the exact date will be forthcoming.

We look forward to hearing from you and to your participation as a mentor in this important program.

M. Elaine Jacoby
Mentoring Committee Chair
Rutgers School of Law–Newark
Alumni Association Mentoring Program