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Professor Suzanne Kim is organizing the inaugural conference of the new Rutgers Center for Gender and Sexuality Law and Policy (CGSLP) with the Office of the Chancellor of Rutgers University-Newark and the Rutgers Institute for Women's Leadership (IWL). The conference, on September 25, is titled Gender Equality on the Twentieth Anniversary of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. Gloria Steinem headlines a prominent group of speakers who will address vital issues raised in Beijing in 1995 - both those on which there has been great progress in the past two decades, and others for which major improvement is still needed. The event is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required.

“Brief-a-Palooza” by Legal Analysis, Writing and Research Instructor Amy Bitterman has been accepted by the legal writing journal The Second Draft for publication in its Fall 2015 issue.



Faculty Activities


Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson spoke at the Seton Hall Legislative Journal Symposium on "Behind Bars: Exploring Ideas for Prison Reform in the 21st Century." 


Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson was awarded a Kluge Fellowship from the Library of Congress, for her project “Framing Treason: Disqualification, Reconciliation and Memory in Reconstruction-Era America.” She will take part in the residential fellowship from April to August 2016. 


Randi Mandelbaum, Clinical Professor of Law, Director of the Child Advocacy Clinic and Annamay Sheppard Scholar presented at New York Law School as part of a conference titled Beyond Permanency: Challenges for Former Foster Youth, and Legal Reform.

Associate Professor Elise Boddie spoke at a Cardozo Law Review symposium on the Roberts Court, and presented her draft article Adaptive Discrimination at a Duke Law School conference.

Assistant Professor Jorge Contesse’s paper Contestation and Deference in the Inter-American Human Rights System was selected for presentation at events in Rio de Janeiro, NYU, the University of Oslo, and University College London; it will be published in Law & Contemporary Problems.

Reference Librarian Dennis Kim-Prieto spoke on Incorporating Legal Research Competencies into the Law School Curriculum at the Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Libraries.

Associate Professor Yuliya Guseva presented an article at the Corporate & Securities Litigation Workshop at Boston University School of Law (Oct. 2 & 3)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson  presented "Overgrazing the Prison Commons" at the LatCrit 2015 Conference in Southern California (Oct.1) and 
at the Faculty Workshop of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University (Oct. 6).


Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson participated in a roundtable conversation with Professor Lolita Buckner Inniss about her book The Princeton Fugitive Slave at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. (September 23)


Randi Mandelbaum, Clinical Professor of Law, Director of the Child Advocacy Clinic, and Annamay Sheppard Scholar, argued before the state Supreme Court to protect immigrant children who appear in family court fearing their safety. The case is outlined in detail in this Rutgers Today article.

Associate Professor Elise Boddie attended the commemoration, led by President Obama at the White House, of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act (August 6).  Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Congressman John Lewis also attended, along with 160 civil rights leaders, advocates, and state and local officials from throughout the country. The commemoration took place one day after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas's photo ID law violates the act by discriminating against African-Americans and Hispanics, for whom obtaining the mandated ID can be more difficult. President Obama proclaimed September 22 National Voter Registration Day.

JULY 2015

JUNE 2015

Professor Suzanne Kim presented her article,"Social Rites of Marriage" at Florida A&M University School of Law at the Family Law Scholars and Teachers Conference (June 22) and at the AALS Mid-Year Meeting, Workshop on Next Generation Issues of Sex, Gender, and the Law, in Orlando, Fla. (June 23)  She also presented her essay, "Marriage Equalities: Gender and Social Norms in Same-Sex and Different-Sex Marriage" at the AALS Workshop. (June 25)  

Assistant Professor Yuliya Guseva presented her article, “An Argument for Centralized Pro-Market Regulation: Judicial and Regulatory Expertise, Predictability, and Multiparty Cooperation” (Cardozo Law Review, forthcoming 2016), at the National Business Law Scholars Conference, held at Seton Hall Law School (June 4-5), and at the International Symposium on Corporate Governance and Capital Markets, held at the University of Ottawa. (June 19-20)

Associate Professor Elise Boddie moderated a discussion at the Montclair Public Library with Harvard Law Professor Lani Guinier about Guinier’s new book, The Tyranny of Meritocracy. (June 3)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented her research on incarceration and antebellum southern slavery as part of “Slaving Zones: Cultural Identities, Ideologies, and Institutions in the Evoution of Global Slavery” conference at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. (June 2)

MAY 2015

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson was a keynote speaker for the discussion “A History of White Privilege and Docile Bodies: Prison, Schools, and the Institutions of Domination” at the DePaul Humanities Center, DePaul University School of Public Service. The program marked the conclusion of the year-long series, “CondemNation: Justice, Prison, Punishment, Persecution.” (May 12)

Professor Stuart Green presented “Tax Evasion as Crime” at the 3rd Annual Bentham House Conference at University College London. (May 9)

At the AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Associate Dean Jon Dubin spoke at the Law Clinic Directors Workshop plenary session, titled “Who Does the Work in the New Normal?” (May 4) and Clinical Professor Randi Mandelbaum spoke at the session titled “Creatively Embracing Change Using an Eco-System Model.” (May 5)

“Anatomical Intent” (124 Yale Law Journal Forum 117, 2014) by Vice Dean Reid Weisbord was reviewed by JOTWELL. (May 4)

APRIL 2015

Associate Dean Andrew Rossner gave the keynote address, titled “Protecting the Integrity of the Purchasing Process,” at the plenary session for the 46th Annual Rutgers University Public Purchasing Education Forum. (April 29)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “The Lost History of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Disqualification Clause” at the “Citizenship in the Era of the Civil War" conference at Virginia Tech University (April 25) and at the NYU Law School Legal History Colloquium. (April 29)

The Education Law Center honored Marian Wright Edelman, president and founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, and Professor Paul Tractenberg at its 2015 Education Justice Lecture and Reception. Tractenberg gave the response to the lecture delivered by Edelman, “Giving All Children the Opportunity to Learn.” (April 28)

Professor Jonathan Hyman co-presented with Thomas Hildner of Podvey Meanor “How Moral Psychology Helps Mediators Understand the Disputants” at the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution Annual Conference, held in Seattle, WA. (April 17)

Professor David Dante Troutt presented the Professor William Neal Brown Memorial Lecture at Rutgers School of Social Work on the Rutgers University–Newark campus. His topic was “Poverty, Class & Politics.” (April 16)

Professor Suzanne Kim presented “Social Rites of Marriage” in the Seton Hall University School of Law Scholarly Ciolloquium Series (April 14) and at the Columbia Law School Center for Gender and Sexuality Law. (April 15)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “Property, Penality, and (Racial) Profiling” at the University of Virginia School of Law Legal History Workshop. (April 13)

MARCH 2015

Professor Adil Haque presented his research as a panelist for “Changing Means of Fighting War,” part of the Symposium on the Changing Nature of War and Peace at Adelphi University. (March 26)

The National Academy of Sciences has retained Professor Steve Gold and his collaborators, Professor Michael Green of Wake Forest University School of Law and Professor Joseph Sanders of the University of Houston Law Center, “to produce an educational module to elucidate the role of scientific information and scientific processes in decision-making across diverse venues.” The educational module will focus on use of scientific evidence as proof of causation in toxic tort cases.

Professor Stuart Green delivered the Hugo Adam Bedau Memorial Lecture in the Department of Philosophy at Tufts University. The title of his lecture was “What Are the Sexual Offenses?” (March 6)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “Punishing Treason,” taken from her research on implementation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, to the staff of the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, KY (March 12) and as part of the DePaul University Catholic Intellectual Traditions Quarterly Salon. (March 5)


Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson discussed her research on the 14th Amendment, former Confederates, and the right to hold public office in a lecture aired on C-Span’s “American History TV.” (Feb. 21)

Professor David Troutt was a panelist for “Badges, Guns and Trusts: Exploring the Crisis of Police Brutality,” held at Seton Hall Law School. (Feb. 12)

Associate Professor Fadi Shaheen presented his paper “Understanding Lockout” (previously titled “Evaluating Investments of Locked-Out Earnings” at the University of Florida Levin College of Law Tax Colloquium. (Feb. 6)

The book Gay Rights and the First Amendment: A Contentious History by Professor Carlos Ball has been accepted for publication by Harvard University Press.


Professor Vera Bergelson, author of Victims’ Rights, Victims’ Wrongs, was a guest on Canadian Public Radio’s two-part show on the moral and legal issues involved with consent to harm. (Jan. 14 and Feb. 26)