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Super Storm Sandy Means Rutgers Law Students Take Exams Around the World

December 20, 2012 – 

With final exams at Rutgers School of Law–Newark pushed back by Super Storm Sandy all the way to Christmas Eve, students who had made their travel plans for the holidays well in advance were suddenly faced with extraordinary costs for non-refundable bookings on flights, hotels, and other travel expenses. After so many lost so much to the storm, Rutgers Law School administrators decided that the students would not add this cost to their burdens, and promised that somehow no prepaid expense would be lost because of the rescheduling of exams.  

The solution? Remote exams.  

Using the security features of the law school’s exam-taking software, dozens of students received exams off campus at the same time as their classmates and were able to transmit them back to the school when the exams ended here. In all, finals were administered on five continents and two were given at sea (the student took the exams while on a cruise). Two students sat for their exams in Pakistan, where, in addition to taking finals, they were married this week, and a third took one exam there also, so that she could attend the wedding. Other exams were taken in Tanzania, China, India, England, Costa Rica, Spain and Peru, as well as all across the United States and Canada. 

Associate Dean Rothman, who administered the remote exams with Justine Dilworth and Mildred Perez, commented: “It has been a logistical challenge, but it has worked, and the students really appreciate it. We were very glad to be able to remove worries about rescheduling travel plans from our students’ end-of-the-semester concerns.”